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November Coastal Canine

Meet Cover-Dog Rosa

In 2018, Rosa emigrated to Canada from Mexico and adopted her person here in Lions Bay when she was around two years old. She loved hiking the trails, but developed an intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) and became paralyzed one morning in 2020. After surgery, she has made a partial recovery, so is happy to motor around these days with a little support!

This hasn't slowed Rosa down, and she loves playing with her toys and other dogs and cuddling with her feline sister. Her favourite treats are whipped cream, bacon and Mandarin oranges.

Rosa has gone on many adventures, including camping, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Last month she befriended a donkey at the pumpkin patch.

A rainy walk is not an option without her rain jacket and a ball to take her mind off the damp. And while she loves playing in the snow, her preference is for chasing waves on the beach and sunbathing.

If you meet Rosa around the village, make sure you take time to join her and sniff the flowers!

If your coastal canine (or other Pacific Pet) would care to be featured in The Watershed, please forward a cover-ready glamour shot and bio to

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Norma Rodgers
Norma Rodgers
Nov 26, 2023

Losing the use of her back legs didn't phase sweet Rosa, she still loves life and having fun with her favourite people.


Oh beautiful Rosa! Fabulous photos of you honey!


Rosa is a true "Wonder Dog"! Interacting with her is always a joy-filled experience.

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