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She's Making Her List...

Lions Bay Store and Cafe looking for local support

Lynne Jacobs displays hand-crafted holiday gift baskets.

The giving-est month of the year is upon us, with Hannukah, Kwanzaa and Saint Nicholas's Day all vying for a share of your gift-giving spirit. And with Christmas now less than a week away, Lynne Jacobs, one half of the new management behind Lions Bay Store and Cafe, wants local residents to know she's up to the challenge.

"I've been making a list," she says, pointing to a loaded notebook on the counter. "We're listening to suggestions of what our customers are looking for and trying to accommodate people's wishes where we can."

Jacobs says stock is coming in every day, and they are busy with sales of delicacies from suppliers from local to exotic.

"Right now we have freshly baked goods, fine wines, local cider and beer at liquor store prices. We're also selling small batch, non-alcoholic drinks from Europe, and we have fresh produce starting to come in with more arriving in the new year." She reports that bread dippers and Italian oils have proved particularly popular this past week.

In the week leading up to Christmas, Jacobs is busy making gift baskets to order for local customers. And in the new year, Jacobs and her partner Shay Kelly say they have more exciting changes in mind, including plans to rebrand the store.

While Jacobs is busy taking note of what customers want, she's also got a few items on her own holiday list. She and Kelly are keen to find local residents who would like to join their team behind the counter. And staffing isn't the only thing on the wish list. Jacobs says she needs community support to help cover the costs of doing business in the village.

"We've just learned in a meeting with Canada Post that the post office loses money every year. We're hoping that the community can come out and show their support for the grocery, liquor and cafe in order to guarantee the continuity of postal services in Lions Bay."

To that end, Jacobs is inviting all village residents to drop by on Christmas Eve from 1– 2 p.m. to have a look around and see what's in store. Visitors are welcome to celebrate the season with cider, hot chocolate and goodies.

Sounds like the ideal opportunity to fill any last-minute gaps in that Christmas list.

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Robin G
Robin G
Dec 19, 2023

The post office is what keeps this village coming to the store. It would be awful for everyone to lose it. Spending time - actual time - with the people who come to the store and cafe is also what counts. Would be awful for us as a village to lose that.


Delighted to have something more than simply a liquor outlet in the Village! The variety of items that are now on offer make a wonderful addition to our community. This new incarnation of the store is a positive step forward.

On a side note, why is it expected that the post office turn a profit for the crown corporation? Canada Post is a public service and it seems only reasonable for that to be the primary objective. Service to the public!

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