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June's new residents, birthdays ... and more

Haley, Thomas and Michael.

Michael and Haley have moved to Bayview Place from Mount Pleasant along with their eight-month-old son Thomas and two cats, Novak and Marcos.

They were first introduced to Lions Bay when Michael’s parents Bev and Dave moved to Lions Bay Avenue a number of years ago, and they immediately fell in love with the Village - so much so that they got married here in 2022. After welcoming their son, they decided to make the move to Lions Bay to be closer to family and enjoy a quieter lifestyle. 

Michael is a lawyer who focuses on construction litigation and Haley is a small animal veterinarian. They both enjoy boating, cycling, and skiing and can’t wait to share all these activities with Thomas as he grows up. They are so excited to be raising their family in the beautiful community of Lions Bay!

Also new to Bayview Place are Galina Belokopytova and Keegan Treloar and their dogs Tuck and Kevin, and cat Steve. They love the community and enjoy outdoor activities and are avid hikers. They are expecting their first child in August.

Val and Tony Cox

Tony Cox, founding member of the Historical Society and its long-time Chairman, and Citizen of the Year recipient, recently celebrated his 91st birthday. Congratulations Tony! If you haven’t already wished him well, take a moment to give him a call.

Mary’s and my three sons all grew up in Lions Bay. Our oldest, Richard, and his wife Vanessa, moved to Hong Kong in 2011. There they had two children, Jonathan (12), and Maeli (10). They came back home in 2019 and moved in 10 doors down from us, to our incredible delight.

Maeli appeared unusually fatigued when they arrived and was checked out three days later. The results came at 3 a.m. the next morning, with instructions to rush her to Children’s Hospital. She had leukemia.

Maeli celebrates her birthday.

Long-time residents Joe and Joanne Ronsley’s granddaughter, Rebecca, was one of Maeli’s oncologists. (Lions Bay connections never cease to amaze me.) The disease was caught early, but the first two years of treatment were not nice. She was a poster child for the hospital. Now in full remission, she just celebrated her first, of many more to come, double-digit birthday. Happy 10th birthday, Maeli!

Below is the authorized picture of our Deputy Corporate Officer Marina Blagodarov on her last day with us May 31st, as reported in The Watershed (HERE).

I recall during my elected term when I went to the office to meet our new hire on her first day on the job. Her professional demeanour, always looking to assist, and ever-present smiley face did not change over the two years she was with us. We wish her well.

This marks the 12th member of the past Council or their team to depart since the new Council and administration assumed control 18 months ago. The number of departees also include two individuals hired by the current administration.

Marina's last day.

Hoping all dads enjoyed Fathers Day and everyone is gearing up for Canada Day and the real start of summer with kids out of school.

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