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Backyard Bear

Several Bears Still Calling the Village Home

This fella's focus was on a family barbecue, and he left when it became clear he wasn't invited.

According to Bear Smart, there have been three or four bears spotted around the Village recently, plus a recently-seen mama bear and her cub.

If you have a unwelcome party animal of the ursine variety, make a big noise to ensure they don't hang around, and then report them to Lions Bay Bear Smart. Double-check to ensure you have minimized attractants around your house – fallen fruit, uncleaned barbecue grills, and even spilled birdseed can all mean you get a return visit.

Let's keep the bears wild!

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From Penny Nelson:

To clarify, we don't know that these are the same bears as last year, with the possible exception of one.


A couple of bears died in Lions Bay last summer, because of unfortunate human behaviour. Let’s not have a repeat of that this year!

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