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Birder Backpacks

Beginner Birding Made Easy

Just in time for the summer, Lions Bay Bird Friendly City is launching a new program that will enable residents to borrow a Birder Backpack kit – like taking out a library book. You can see the kits (and more) at the Canada Day event from 3:30 – 5 p.m.

This program was made possible by a grant from Nature Canada and in collaboration with Birds Canada.

Each backpack contains a good pair of binoculars (makes ALL the difference!), a field guide, a pocket guide and information and tips about how to use binos and free apps such as Merlin to get the most out of an outdoor adventure. Of course, you could also use the binos to look at whales or other sea life if you’re near the beach. As a suggestion, a good time to spot shorebirds is first thing in the morning when the beach is quiet. Borrow a backpack for a few hours, take your morning coffee and head down there!

Migratory birds will be fledging over the next few weeks and many of our resident birds have already fledged, so this is a great time to see birds. If you and a friend are planning an outing, you’re able to borrow two kits.

Here’s how: simply email your name, telephone number and Lions Bay street address to and a Bird Friendly team member will be in touch. Loan periods are flexible.

To find out more about birding and other summer outdoor activities, the Metro Vancouver Nature Program Guide is available online or from the office. It’s packed with a wide variety of events over the summer in Metro’s regional parks.

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