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Noticed... A New Garden in the Making?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Before this latest round of crazy snow, I spotted some work happening at the Sunset Trailhead. Looks like a new garden might be on the way.

Shout out to the Lions Bay Works crew who not only keep our roads clear when the weather's awful, but bring us the hope of a new garden one day!

Edited February 28 to add: What a difference a day makes. Here's what the future garden looks like today, post-snowmageddon.

Stay safe out there, everyone!

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Yes, the Village had an excellent team of public works guys. Two of our guys didn’t just leave here, and all their highly regarded P.W. team members and staff, for the only purpose of working closer to home.


They are a wonderful bunch of guys. So sad that two of them are no longer working here.


Trixi Hahn Grant
Trixi Hahn Grant
Feb 27, 2023

Perhaps a butterfly garden in the making?

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