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A Tip of the Hat...

Village Public Works crew steps up again

An end-of January tip of the hat – or perhaps the toque, in this case – to our wonderful Works crew who battled the elements this past month to keep the roads clear and the water running.

The team has been running at below optimum numbers for the past year, and still managed to keep our roads as ice and snow-free as possible under difficult conditions.

And frozen waterfalls and icy logging roads didn't stop them from keeping the water flowing to local homes.

In the words of one resident: "The mean streets of Lions Bay became less treacherous thanks to the dedication of our Public Works crew."

Thanks, gang!

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We are so lucky to have such a dedicated Works Crew, especially during snowy conditions. In 27 years living at the top of Oceanview, we have never had a problem getting down the road early in the morning or home again in the evening. When we lived in West Van, briefly, the roads were a nightmare when it snowed. These men deserve our utmost thanks.


Norma Rodgers
Norma Rodgers
Jan 27

These fellows not only work hard for us but they care about the village and residents. Thanks guys!

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