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Water Advocates Seek Direction

Updated: Mar 25

Survey could help shape future of water protection

In an effort to strengthen water protection advocacy in BC, the Council of Canadians (C of C) has created a survey to learn more about British Columbians' thoughts around water resources and safety in the province – and they are inviting Lions Bay residents to participate.

The protection and preservation of access to clean drinking water has been one of the pivotal struggles undertaken by the organization since its inception in 1985.

"The C of C founded the Blue Planet Project and convenes a global network of Blue Communities, which are “municipalities and Indigenous communities to support the idea of a water commons framework, recognizing that water is a shared resource for all," says David Ravensbergen, Pacific Regional Organizer for the Council of Canadians.

"In British Columbia, Council of Canadians supporters have played an active role in countless struggles for clean water, including opposing water bottling by Nestle, opposing oil and gas pipelines that threaten water (including supporting the Wet’suwet’en), contesting mining and clearcut logging projects that threaten individual watersheds, campaigning for an end to boil water advisories on First Nations reserves, and much more."

In recent months, concern over the security of Lions Bay water resources has been repeatedly raised: as an issue addressed in last year's byelection, with regard to concerns over drought by Emergency Program Coordinator (EPC) Phil Folkersen last September, as well as the recent grassroots parking initiative put forward by a concerned resident, where one of the principal goals is to direct foot traffic away from the Magnesia Creek water intake.

The survey is intended to give direction to the organization as it renews its commitment to water-related activism in British Columbia.

"Survey results will be published on our website and will be used to inform our organizing and campaigning strategies moving forward," says Ravensbergen. He adds that individual responses are anonymous, however participants can choose to share their contact information if they’d like to be involved in future water campaigns.

The survey can be found HERE, and information is being collected until March 7.

We value your opinion! Please share your thoughts on water security below, or email 

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